Today many committed couples in the 30-60 age range are facing economic situations such as job insecurity, lost or reduced wages, student loan debt and mortgage foreclosure woes.  These situations can put tremendous strain on the relationship with the adult partner.  Arguing and blaming or projecting fear and worry are not effective ways to relieve stress.  Practiced routinely they can lead couples to challenge their commitment to each other and the relationship. Feeling temporarily overwhelmed due to financial loss can affect both partners’ self esteem and contribute to feeling depressed and anxious.

At times of economic insecurity or crisis, couples have the opportunity to strengthen their emotional bonds, their communication skills, and effectively manage temporary economic hardships.  However, if you and your partner have never developed healthy communication skills, and/or you do not have a social support system of friends, family and community in place; this would be the time to reach out for psychotherapy services.   Effective ways to relieve stress are skills that can be learned. Communication skills also can be learned and will lead you and your partner to better understand each other and together work toward finding solutions.

In some partnerships, one partner believes they are carrying a greater load of the responsibility.  Economic hardship can bring this belief to the foreground.  At such a time, one or both partners feel they have reached a crisis point.   Individuals and couples enter psychotherapy at just such a crisis point. In fact, this is the best time to reach out for psychotherapy services.

The first step to solving a problem is recognizing there is a problem.  Life complications do occur in areas that are beyond our immediate control, such as loss of employment. When these complications occur, it is crucial to develop and use skills to manage our relationship and our behaviors. In that way, we can use the temporary setback as a means to more forward instead of falling behind.

Effective psychotherapy will assist you and your partner to do just that; move forward from a setback.


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